second response

So the lab tests have already been done. Apparently they'll become a normal part of my Hi-Nice-To-See-You-Every-Six-Months-Let's-Chat-About-Your-Colon-And-Puncture-That-Meatloaf-You-Call-A-Forearm visit. Unfortunately they couldn't give me the results yet... only my doctor can... which isn't really that reassuring.


As you may be able to tell I've become a bit punchy about the joy of my healthcare. Trust me, I have a great doctor. And we have great insurance, thanks to the state of California. However, being 25 and kind of a hippie, I am really new to EVERY SINGLE PART of this whole she-bang that has become my gastroenterogical life. And the nurses are kind of mean. And I look 17, which has never helped. So getting frightening letters out of the blue with the words HEPATIC LIVR and other intimidating, all-caps, unintelligible phrases on it is a little much for me.

But it's all good. Not in the "I'm-dismissing-this-because-doing-taxes-is-just-more-important-and-legally-relevant-right-now" sort of way, but in the "This actually matters to me, but I'm walking through it well and trying to maintain my sense of humor, even though I occasionally call my mom freaking out" sort of way. I'm doing fine, health-wise. I'm doing much better emotionally. And I'm looking forward to the day when I can pop a pill instead of the lovely topical treatment we're doing now. Oy.

The good thing: I still get to live. My actual life. Which I really love. Along with Jesus. And Joey. And all that makes me pretty happy.


first response

I just found out that I have 6 blood tests which need to be done. I don't know why.



hello there

SO it has been an absurdly long time since I've posted, and I haven't any sort of really legitimate reason why I've been absent from the 'ol blogosphere. It's been a rough sort of month for a variety of reasons, mostly having to do with an old, blue moldyness that wrestles with my heart. But it's all good. Here is a story of the last few weeks:

Joey turned 28, which is a very grownup age to become. We celebrated his actual birthDAY with a quiet dinner at BJ's. He was actually much happier than he looks in this particular picture.

I cook things in the kitchen and end up using half a lemon. All the time. But my lemony things are spaced far enough apart to render the unused half useless. Sort of. So I started cleaning my cutting boards with a lemony swipe after using them for a garlic or onion-ey sort of purpose. It helps.

We go to RAW, which stands for Real Authentic Worship, each Sunday night at 7 pm. It is quite and small and Joey leads music and sometimes I read a passage or poetry and we spend a purposed hour with Jesus, which is nice.

I've been sharing a lot of Pablo Neruda lately with the RAW folks. Joey gave me the Captain's Verses when we were first dating and I've loved him ever since (Pablo and Joey).

Bill turned 50. My mum had an amazing surprise party for him, full of good wine, incredible food, and really special encouragement and honoring. Seriously incredible.

Her cooking instructor/friend/folks they're going to Italy with catered and made the most delicious meal. Authentic, rustic Tuscan. Oy. The gnocci were deep and earthy and full of imported porccini mushrooms... and the cave cheese... heavenly.

My mum and I had a fabulous time together (with the greatest aunt and the husbands). I didn't realize how much I needed just to be with her (and all of them). She is amazing and beautiful and I love her quite a lot more than she even thinks possible.

Joey got a special brew from the Deschutes Brewery for our pubby birthday bash (celebrating he + mark + myself) that is deep and heavy and amazing. I forgot to take pictures at our party (ridiculous, I know), so this is the stand in.

You are nearly up to date on our world. And I need to go to bed. So. Back in the saddle I am. To bad I was never an overly "horsey" sort of girl. Ah well. The fun stuff will be coming soon. For now, it's g'night.