I got into bed the other night and Joey said, "Wow, you're really starting to get a belly there!" Being the good-natured pregnant woman that I am, I laughed, "Ha-ha-ha!"


I'm only up 3 pounds or so, but MAN it seems like more. It's popping out. Especially at night. Oh the joy.

Also, apparently during pregnancy if you don't have an immune system (due to your gastrointestinal auto-immune disease), you become a walking petri dish. Got any spare germs? Send 'em my way! We've got a party going on in my sinuses! All night long! BYO Kleenex! Fun.

Braxton-Hicks have started already. Odd and only occasionally disconcerting. Upside: women who have more BH earlier tend to have shorter labors! Woo-hoo! I'm still being really careful. My doctor was very clear last time we went (Good solid heartbeat! Sweet!), so I'm being good.

Anyway, here's what we've all been waiting for:



Today I slept in until noon.

This is not uncommon for me on days off. It is disgustingly indulgent and I will continue for as long as possible because I have a feeling that the nugget will not be quite as content with seriously extended snuggling as the monster dog is.

I explained to Joey that I don't actually SLEEP until so late, but that I generally lie in bed and daydream for a good hour or more. He laughed at me. Hard.

I gave him a Stern Face.

He hid his Cracking Up Face and played some very loud Irish Punk in my direction.

I like our relationship.

Also, we spent Sunday evening being exhausted, eating chili, and watching Pixar movies.

This is a big plus for me. I've found that pregnancy has really... err... "heightened" my emotional senses. Which has leaned farther and farther toward the bizarre end of things for a Girl Who Is Severely Controlling Of Her Emotional Self. Luckily, the Navy Blues have really been helped by fantastic computer animation and John Lasseter's passion for excellence. Truth and innocence are safe retreats for me. I think they are for most of us.

Anyway, I wanted to leave you all with the next great offering from the love child of George Lucas and Mickey Mouse, Up. Because secretly inside we all believe that it's possible for even me.


and now we're on display

Hello 2009! We're back from the cold north, which wasn't too bad, actually. It was fabulous to visit mi familia, even though most of them were/ended up with the Flu of Death. Seriously, Laura puked 12 times, Bill passed out twice, Wil and Kristen had to spend the day in airplane/airport bathrooms, Claire had to spend the day in bed, and Joey had to take a day off from work (which NEVER happens). Yeep! I had the "nastiness" with none of the puking, luckily. Other than the last weekend, it was a lovely, quiet Christmas. Surprise visit from my dad (the first time in our ENTIRE marriage of 5.5 years) and Joey actually vacationed while on vacation. Many movies and chocolates and good times with old friends. Nice.

Due to much peer pressure and "be a normal preggo girl" guilt, I'm going to try and take pictures of my growing belly. Body image issues be gone! Or at least be vanquished to the closet for a little bit! Actually, as I was trying to take a relatively flattering picture of my least-confident part of myself, I found myself excited about this preggo body for the first time ever. Really. So far I've just felt bloated and awkward, but it's beginning -- just beginning -- to look like there might be a 4 inch nugget rolling around in there, pushing my intestines and lumpiness out for all to see. Which is fun. Really. We're having a good time, this nugget and joey and me. Also, Christmas Bella Bands help a LOT.

So here is me and the Great Unborn. Doing well. Tooling around. Tolerating each other's space pretty well.